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All You Need To Know Prior To The Snowcase

There are several things  you need to know in advance of the weekend.

  1. All games will be played on two fields. The fields are located on our West Campus.  Please use the following address for directions. 899 South Richland Ave. York PA. 17403. for the quickest route use exit 15 off of Interstate 83.
  2. Check in begins at 7:30 am and goes until the first games start at 9 am. There will be an optional skills clinic from 8 am until 8:40 am. Everyone must come an check in. Check in will take place inside The Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center which is located just behind the fields.
  3.  Lunch is NOT provided. There are several places close by where you could go and get something. THERE WILL NOT BE A CONCESSION STAND OPEN.
  4. There are 12 different colleges on staff for this event and every college coach in the country was emailed about this event. We will have accurate rosters for each coach in attendance. The school’s working the event are York, Roanoke, Mary Washington, Eastern, Albright, Widener, Centre, Randolph, Susquehanna, Shenandoah, Shorter, and Elizabethtown. Other will be in attendance recruiting.

5. Health and Emergency Waivers must be turned in to               participate. If you have not already sent this waiver in please fill out the attached waiver and bring it with you at check in.

  1. We will be playing NCAA rules with no timeouts and every 15 minutes we will have period stoppage.  For quick coaching adjustments and substitutions. This will help with equal playing time for every participant. Please do not say anything to the officials they are here to keep the games moving along and get each participant the proper exposure. Each Game will consist of three 15 minute periods with a 2 minute huddle.

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